I am happy to endorse Branda Lin for the next Mayor of Irvine. An active advocate of local government, Branda has enthusiastically demonstrated her leadership, always promoting positive policy issues important to residents and boldly questioning those of special interests which are at odds with the common good.
MaryAnn Gaido
Former Irvine City Councilwoman & Former President Irvine Community Land Trust
Branda Lin is a lifelong Irvine resident with an abiding love of her city. Her long history of volunteer work—from delivering Meals on Wheels to leading the Smiles Project—is a testament to her kindness and compassion... She has a deep understanding of important issues, unshakable integrity, and the courage to stand up to powerful special interests and speak the truth. Branda Lin will be a great mayor, and I wholeheartedly support her candidacy.
Doug Elliott
Irvine Resident
We need someone exactly like Branda to advocate for the city she was born and raised in, someone who is deeply invested in Irvine and genuinely cares about the community. I’ve known Branda since 7th grade at Venado Middle School and she is someone I would trust to listen to the concerns of the diverse families in our community.
Paul Cao
Chef/Owner Burnt Crumbs
It is my pleasure to endorse Branda Lin running for Irvine Mayor. Branda cares about Irvine from her heart. She is energized and knowledgeable about Irvine issues. Branda is deeply engaged with our communities. Her passionate advocacy for integrity and fight for Irvine taxpayers will make her a great leader in the city of Irvine.
Diana Jiang
Former Irvine Children Youth and Family Advisory Committee Co-Chair
Former UCI Parents Executive Board Founding Member
Tech Leader
I can’t think of a better person to serve as Irvine’s Mayor at this point in time. Branda Lin is passionate about improving the City Council’s representation of residents’ interests and concerns and about making policy and systemic changes that would enhance public participation in Irvine’s Decision Making Process.
Susan Sayre
Longtime political activist in Irvine
focused on Irvine's decision making process and
development in Irvine and Great Park
It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Branda to become the next mayor of Irvine. I was one of the very first residents of the new Irvine. I have read Branda's positions on the many issues that are important for our city, and I know that, unlike her predecessor, who has betrayed us in so many ways, we will be able to trust Branda to follow through on them. Finally, we can look forward to the renewal of the bright future that we always hoped and expected for Irvine.
Sharon Toji
Former IUSD Board Member
Former Community Services Commissioner
Branda has an enormous heart for others. Being Value Driven to the core she will infuse her leadership skills with core values of Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Cooperation, and Integrity. Her wisdom and discernment are stellar! I highly endorse her for Mayor of Irvine. Her record speaks volumes for meeting needs of Irvine for the next decade and beyond. She is worthy of your valuable vote and support!
Gene Bedley
National Educator of the Year
Educator Emeritus Ambassadors of Compassion

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